Pierre Gasly:

“Having now watched the British Grand Prix, it was definitely a brilliant afternoon for motor racing fans and also proof of what a great job the sport has done on the safety front over the years. I’m really happy no one was seriously injured, as it was a scary moment. From our perspective, having worked well to turn things around in Quali and then running as high as seventh in the race, it became another missed opportunity. Teammates should never come together, but on Sunday night, we sat down as a team and discussed it and immediately moved on to planning for this next Grand Prix in Austria. This is a home race for Red Bull, so although there is no extra pressure, everyone in the team is very keen to do well. I’ve finished in the points three times at the Red Bull Ring. It’s a very fast layout, especially the second and third sectors, and it’s the type of track that has been a bit complicated for us since the start of the year. On the other hand, we have learned a lot from the races so far and we can try and improve the car under these conditions and make some progress. We will need to have a perfect weekend as, since the start of the season, we have had a few problems, and it will be important to get our package working well on tracks that on paper are not best suited to us. If we do our very best, we can seize opportunities when they come.”


Yuki Tsunoda:

“I am glad that we can go racing again after just a few days to put the Silverstone race behind us. The only good moment of that weekend was on Saturday afternoon when we worked well in the wet conditions to qualify better than we had hoped, based on how Friday went. I couldn’t do anything about the collision after the start and later unfortunately I had the incident with Pierre. We discussed it as a team and now we move forward. I like all the fun things that Red Bull gets us to do as part of the build up to races, but although this is a home race for the company, I don’t think we have too many crazy things planned this year, as Austria is the second race of a back-to-back. We will be fully focussed on making up for the disappointment of Silverstone. I enjoyed this race last year, making it through to Q3 and scoring a point for tenth place. And going further back, I finished second in Formula 2. It’s a short lap in terms of time, just over a minute. It could be a slightly difficult weekend for us, as I’m not sure the high speeds will suit our car that well. Our performance level has been different at various tracks, so you never know what to expect really. It’s not a difficult track to set up the car and you run a medium set-up in terms of downforce for the high-speed sections. Looking at how we performed here last year, I expect we could be quite competitive.”