Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Barcelona – Length 4.675 km
AT03 –02 / Driver: AM – Pierre Gasly // PM – Yuki Tsunoda
Total across three days: 308 laps (1,439.9 km)

Pierre Gasly 
Time: 1:22.469
40 laps – 187 km
Pos. 14th

“It’s been a productive test and I think it’s been very interesting for everyone to see how these new cars behave on track. We’ve learnt a lot, every run, about our car and also driving wise I’ve been able to develop how to work with this new car and get the most out of it. I think it’s been really good. Obviously, you can’t really look at any sort of performance at the moment, so this test has really been about focusing on myself and trying to get good feedback so the team can understand what you need from the car as a driver, to find more performance. I must say, it feels quite different to drive these cars – it obviously is visually but also how it responds too, even the way you get into the corner and braking. I’ve been trying a variety of things and fine-tuning my driving to work with the car balance that we have, this is all part of the learning process. Unfortunately, I locked up my tyres during the morning running and damaged the car, but testing is about finding the limits and we’ve still been able to gather a lot of valuable data over the three days. This is of course only the first test, and we have a lot to analyse before the three more days of testing in Bahrain.”


Yuki Tsunoda 

“It’s been a good three days of testing here in Barcelona, it’s been really productive, and we’ve learnt a lot about the new car. I’ve been really excited to get back driving since Abu Dhabi, especially knowing that it’s a whole new car, and I’ve really enjoyed my time getting to know the AT03. There’s still a lot to do ahead of the next test in Bahrain, from my side I need to make some more adaptions to my driving style to suit this new car but overall, it’s been a really positive test. It’s a shame that I wasn’t able to complete the afternoon session today but it’s testing, and these things happen. We’ve still got three days in Bahrain before the first race, so we need to prepare as much as possible ahead of this so that we can start the season off well.”

Jody Egginton (Technical Director)

“Following two solid days of testing here in Barcelona today has been a bit more challenging for us. The day started well, with our early runs being used to gather aero data and conduct various other background test items. Unfortunately, Pierre went off during an early baseline run, damaging the car, and despite the best efforts of the team we simply ran out of time to get it turned around and back out for Yuki to drive in the afternoon session, meaning our day ended early. Looking at the test as a whole, we have covered some good mileage during days one and two, completing a large number of test items and gathering a massive amount of data to aid our learning and development of the AT03. So, looking at the big picture although we are satisfied with our progress it’s hard to draw too many conclusions about our competitiveness due to the diverse range of programmes being run across teams, but we have plenty of data to work with ahead of the next test in Bahrain, which I am confident will allow us to move our package forward. We now head to Bahrain with the target being to complete the winter test plan, continuing to understand and develop our package ahead of the first race.”

Franz Tost (Team Principal)

“The first test here in Barcelona with the AT03 has been really positive. I think that our engineers have developed a good car, that seems to be both fast and reliable. We have managed to complete many laps with both Yuki and Pierre, and I think that we have a really strong foundation for the year. Unfortunately, today Pierre had a lock-up of the front tyres, which meant he spun off at corner five, therefore we lost a lot of running time and Yuki was unable to run this afternoon. Across these three days we have completed 308 laps (1,439.9km) and I think this is a good basis for the next test in Bahrain. We’ve collected a lot of data here in Barcelona, which should also help to build up a good correlation between CFD and the wind-tunnel, which should be a proper baseline for future development steps. We will of course change some smaller things for Bahrain, but we have a good groundwork for the next test.”