Nyck de Vries

“Silverstone is a track I know well. I’ve raced there in various single-seater categories and even in the World Endurance Championship. It is a very quick track, I think one of the quickest on the calendar, with a large number of high-speed corners. With our cars, they are so quick through those corners that you’re looking at taking downforce off because everything is full throttle. At those speeds, the wind is often a factor as the circuit is so flat and open, and the weather can often be unpredictable. It’s a historic place in the heart of Formula 1 and motorsport because the core of our industry is based around Silverstone.

Whether the track will suit our car is the same question everyone always asks, but I think, looking at the midfield, it’s impossible to predict whether your performance will be strong or not. The margins are so small that execution is key. When you execute a good, clean weekend, it makes all the difference, and you quickly get closer towards the top ten. Additionally, you’ve got to make the right decisions throughout the weekend to get the maximum potential out of the package you have.”


Yuki Tsunoda

“I think nearly all the drivers like Silverstone, I certainly do. Most corners are high-speed and, as we’re expecting some more significant aero upgrades for this round, I’m quite optimistic that, going into this race week, we can make a step forward. We go back to the usual weekend format after the Sprint in Austria, and that means we will have more time to thoroughly test the updates, which is a good thing as this race will be an important one in terms of what we can expect for the next part of the season.

A perfect car for Silverstone is quite similar in some ways to what you need in Austria – low drag and a good amount of load. Silverstone and the British Grand Prix have a lot of history, we have our wind tunnel and aero people based not far away in Bicester, and I really love the track itself. It’s very cool and classic, and I enjoy driving it a lot. It has good memories as I won the F2 Sprint race here a few years ago and also finished on the podium in the Feature race. I can also appreciate that the atmosphere there is quite unique as the UK is a special country in terms of motorsport and is very important for Formula 1.”