Yas Marina Circuit – Abu Dhabi (5.554 km)
Car: STR13-02

Day 1 – Driver: Sean Gelael (Car 38)
Best time: 1:40.435 – Laps: 150 (833 km)

“150 laps! That’s always going to be a good day. It was great being back in the car again, and I enjoyed every lap of it! I gathered a lot of data and feedback for the team which is key. For sure, we wanted to be further up on the timing screen, but our focus yesterday was on race simulations, which went quite well!”

Day 2 – Driver: Daniil Kvyat (Car 26)
Best time: 1:38.862 – Laps: 155 (861 km)

“I think today was a very positive and good day as we covered 155 laps, which is about three Grands Prix in one day. To be honest, I felt comfortable and confident straight away in the car which was great. What’s important about today was we were able to test a good amount of tyres for next year, gathering a lot of useful information and data for the team. I’m feeling really comfortable here and it’s great to be back, I’m really looking forward to next year!”

Franz Tost (Team Principal):

“In two days of the post-season Pirelli test, Red Bull Toro Rosso Honda managed to complete an impressive 305 laps (1694km). This is the highest mileage we have ever achieved in a two-day test, so I’d like to congratulate the team and Honda for their hard work, as they’ve prepared a very reliable car. Sean Gelael drove for us the first day, and his precise technical feedback was a good basis for us to find an optimum setup for today’s test and for the 2019-spec Pirelli tyres. We were all more than happy to see Daniil back in Toro Rosso for the second day of testing, and he was able to immediately show a good performance. With all of the new data we’ve gathered, the engineers have a valid platform on how to prepare and run the tyres next year. We’re already looking forward to the next season, Daniil and Alex are very competitive drivers and we can’t wait to see them on track.”