“There are a few characteristics of the car I’m still discovering,” said Daniil Kvyat as he prepares to tackle his fourth race of the season with Scuderia Toro Rosso. “From Austria onwards I’m expecting to have more consistent weekends with no ups and downs in performance. My engineering crew and I have now spent enough time together to know where we are. The speed was always there, but in Canada there were a few issues and we are working on fixing that.”

As for this weekend, it’s a fact that according to the regulations, our 2015 engine, unlike all the others, is not allowed to develop over the course of the year and this has raised questions about how the STR11 can perform down that long, long straight. “It’s not going to be an easy weekend,” admitted our Russian driver. “We will just have to try and find the best compromise to deal with this”

“I walked the circuit yesterday, I ran round it two days ago and I think it looks quite interesting and it’s a good thing to visit tracks that are quite particular and unusual,” continued Daniil. “You have to adapt to them and try and find something different on these types of track. It looks challenging in many ways: one part is very slow, while another is very fast, so it’s not going to be easy to find that right compromise. One thing’s for sure, this track will give you a lot of adrenalin with tight corners, low grip and very close walls. It’s going to be a complicated weekend but, as usual, we will try and get everything right to try and get some points. If we can do well in the free practice sessions, then that will put us in good shape for the important moments of qualifying and the race.”

Sainz joined five other drivers in the official FIA Press Conference today and, first of all, he was asked to look back at last Sunday in Montreal. “It was very satisfying, especially after the disappointment on Saturday,” he said. “To manage to recover well and come back from twentieth to ninth was an achievement not only for me but also for the team. We managed to arrive in Canada and put on a very good race from the back, with perfect strategy, perfect pit stops. Managing to split the two Force Indias coming from all the way back was a huge achievement and now we need to keep working”.

Talking about this weekend’s challenge, Carlos was positive as always: “It’s going to be tough” he admitted. “But thanks to the good effort of the team we are not that much falling back. And we are still in the game, we are still fighting for P5 in the Constructors’, which is a huge achievement. In Canada we were expecting to be weak and we were not at all weak, we actually had really good pace in the race, so it doesn’t mean that because of that long straight here we cannot compensate with our good car, our good package and be strong. Obviously we are not going to be as fast as in Monaco or Barcelona for sure but hopefully we can still fight the teams that we are fighting now.”