What is AlphaTauri?
FT: “AlphaTauri is the stand-alone premium fashion brand founded out of Red Bull, which is establishing a new way in the clothing industry that intersects fashion and function. It blends considered design and premium materials with textile innovations. Scuderia AlphaTauri gains an important supporter to be feeling great while working and looking well-dressed too in Scuderia AlphaTauri team wear. We share the same ambitions and we want to grow further together. It’s a big opportunity.”

Will the new partnership and name change have any effect on the operational running of the team?
FT: “The name change has no effect on the way we operate as a Formula 1 team at the race track or our facilities in Faenza and Bicester, but it is a very significant change in terms of how we present ourselves to the outside world: new name and new colours (white and navy blue), to mark a new long-term partnership which will be beneficial for both parties. Our new team wear will help all our team members deliver the best possible performance and feel comfortable in all weather conditions around the world, thanks to the wide range of purposeful clothing.”

The team has improved a lot along the years and what do you expect to come next?
FT: “In terms of results, since Red Bull bought the Minardi team in 2005 to establish Scuderia Toro Rosso, our team has developed a lot to reach the level of performance we have today. In 2019, we had a very successful season with two podiums and finished 6th position in the Constructors’ Championship, it was a fantastic year for us and our best season since 2008. We are satisfied with our achievements, but now we are hungry for more, we made excellent progress on the technical front and in terms of how we manage the race weekend, so we intend to build on that to improve further. 2020 will be a special challenge for all the teams, as we have to develop two car concepts because of the new regulations for 2021. For smaller teams like ours, in terms of resources and personnel, we will have to face the complex task of finding the right balance between pushing forward on the development of this year’s car – the AT01 – and working on its successor for 2021, a year which heralds a new era for Formula 1 as it will undergo radical changes, not least in terms of the technical regulations that apply to the design of the cars. This does not have to distract us from our big task to look into every detail at every race to avoid mistakes as much as possible and take any opportunity that may arise in such a tight midfield pack.”

Will you still continue the synergy project with Red Bull Technologies?
FT: “Yes, we will continue to work closely with Red Bull Technology in Milton Keynes who provides us with the complete hydraulic system, front and rear suspension, and the gearbox in 2020. This cooperation has been working really well last year as the level of engineering is very high and the parts they provided increased our reliability. Thanks to the synergies programme, our technicians in Faenza and Bicester can focus more on the details of those parts, which really can make the difference and give us more performance. Due to minor modifications to the sporting regulations in terms of how many components one can share with another team, some of the parts, for example the brake ducts which we could share last year, will have to be produced in-house now, which means their design and manufacture has involved more work in both Faenza and Bicester. I’m confident our technical group will continue to improve and deliver a good and reliable car to our drivers.”

Talking about drivers, you have quite an experienced pair this season…
FT: “Continuity is important for a team and we benefit from that also on the driver front, with Pierre Gasly and Daniil Kvyat once again in the cockpit. In fact, by the end of last year, Daniil had driven more races for this team than any other driver, and our duo together represents the most experienced one in our team’s history. Both drivers proved to be quick, showed fighting spirit and they are still eager to show to the world what they can do in this sport. So, new name, same team and we can’t wait to see more action this season!”