Why has AlphaTauri decided to get involved with F1
The engagement of AlphaTauri in the premiere class of motorsports is a strategical and long-term decision. As a fashion brand AlphaTauri fuses fashion and function with innovation and the F1 environment allows AlphaTauri to progress and certify its innovations and textile technologies. All learnings and gained knowledge within this pioneer hub will be translated into the core AlphaTauri collections.

What are the key objectives that AlphaTauri want to achieve with this partnership?
AlphaTauri is creating its own path in the fashion industry whilst intersecting fashion and function. The collections offer an added value for the consumer through innovative functionality and self-engineered technology translated on high-quality fabrics for stylish clothing. To build the brand, strong long-term partnerships are crucial as well as partnerships that challenge the status-quo of e.g. smart functionalities, look & feel of materials and new technologies. This can only happen in an environment of innovators, creators and pioneers with a shared mind-set such as the F1 motorsports sector.

Ahmet Mercan answers by Scuderia AlphaTauri

How can AlphaTauri self-optimize and progress?
AlphaTauri’s mission is to grow its innovations and pioneering approach to fashion. The teamwear collections will reflect this sophisticated aesthetic of the brand and will be worn in a perfect environment for progressing the newest high-quality materials, smart features as well as textile innovations and technologies. Through F1 AlphaTauri will be able to further develop the true strength of its clothing and let all these insights be an integral part of the inline collections of AlphaTauri.

Where is the inspiration for the teamwear taken from?
The basis for the AlphaTauri teamwear collections is profound research about the needs of a clothing line in order to enhance the performance of the F1 team. If you have a look at the number of different climate zones, the tough weather conditions and versatile structure of the team members with their very unique and different work day in and day out over the course of a F1 season, it gets very clear that the clothing needs to fulfil a number of features and functions to support highest performance plus comfort during the races whilst looking amazing. This challenging and high performing environment is the perfect platform for AlphaTauri to further develop its textile technologies, innovative fabrics and smart features. All the gained insights will then be reflected in the regular inline collections of AlphaTauri. Ultimately it is about great cut and fit, luxurious natural and techno fabrics, and functionality that makes the clothing useful as well as beautiful.

Is there always one collection per F1 season or do you foresee more drops?
With the start of the 2020 F1 season we will start with one collection per season. The team wear is worn by the Scuderia AlphaTauri team members in the factory as well as in the Paddock which have different purposes. The team wear collection consists of technical jackets and sweater with smart features to be combined with techno pants and complemented by ultra-soft T-Shirts and Tops. Purposeful design that supports the performance of the entire team and at the same time highest level of comfort is key.

Can the teamwear of Scuderia AlphaTauri be bought?
AlphaTauri has designed the Replica Lifestyle Collection inspired by the official teamwear, which will be available online and in the official F1 merchandise areas at every Grand Prix. The collection features a total of 13 styles and offers various tee-shirts, polo shirts as well as sweaters and jackets. The colour concept follows the teamwear collection with sophisticated navy and white.

Where can the fan-merchandise be bought?
The Replica Lifestyle Collection will be available during the entire F1 season in the official F1 merchandise areas as well as in the Red Bull Stores and online at redbullshop.com.

Question and answer with Ahmet Mercan by Scuderia AlphaTauri

Does AlphaTauri and Scuderia AlphaTauri have a lot in common?
AlphaTauri and Scuderia AlphaTauri share a common mind-set of permanently challenging the status-quo in order to grow. AlphaTauri is creating its own path in the fashion industry and similarly Scuderia AlphaTauri is an F1 racing team which is also creating its own path with their pioneering approach to young drivers through the Red Bull Junior Programme, a portal to F1 whilst delivering professional technological excellence.

As AlphaTauri is not a Sportswear-Brand but a Fashion brand: what is fashionable about Formula 1®?
F1 is the most prestigious league of motorsports and is rooted in innovation and lifestyle. AlphaTauri combines fashion with innovation and is even more so powered by innovation, as the brand is always exploring new fields and constantly looking for new challenges, the F1 environment offers an ideal platform to innovate and grow the brand. At Scuderia AlphaTauri style and elegance both in design and engineering comes together within an environment that appreciates style and functionality. With this powerful fusion AlphaTauri introduces a new design language to the paddock whilst the styles support the teams in their performance.

About AlphaTauri : Fashion meets Function
AlphaTauri is a stand-alone fashion brand founded by Red Bull in 2016 that offers innovative fashion technologies integrated with high-quality and uniquely designed styles.
The brand combines textile innovations, purposeful design and premium materials to add value to both body and mind.
The technical outerwear fabrics and textile technologies are developed with its partner the Schoeller Textil AG from Switzerland. E.g. Taurex®, the leading technology within the collection, is a self- engineered titan mineral technology that reflects the energy radiated from the body back to the wearer, enhancing wellbeing and accelerating regeneration. AlphaTauri is shoppable in its stores in Salzburg and Graz as well as online at alphatauri.com.