The car is brand new, while the launch will follow the tradition established over the past couple of years, being hosted by our sponsor CEPSA and taking place in the Jerez de la Frontera circuit pit lane.


The following day is time for Formula 1 to hold its collective breath as the track will be open for action and the first test of the cars in their brand new 2014 configuration. At the wheel of our car will be Jean-Eric Vergne, with Daniil Kvyat’s turning coming later in the four day test.


A team truck will set off from the Faenza factory at the end of this week, making the long trek to southern Spain, carrying not only the car but also all our hopes for the coming season.


One very important question has already been answered, as STR9 has successfully passed all the necessary FIA crash tests. That’s a vital part of our preparation, because while in the past, you could run a car in winter testing that had not passed the crash test, for the past two years, cars had to be fully FIA certified before taking part in any track action. Yet again, the safety regulations are more stringent than in the past and for 2014, for all teams, the main crash structures, monocoque, side impact spars, nose and rear crash element are all different.


Over this weekend, after the mechanics had spent the previous days assembling chassis number 01, it was time for its first photo call, the Assembly Area being the makeshift catwalk. Our drivers, Daniil Kvyat and Jean-Eric Vergne were also on hand for the shoot, resplendent in their overalls.