As part of the successful partnership between Scuderia AlphaTauri and Fantom, the team will promote the launch announcement of the project by featuring the logo on the Halo from the Hungarian Grand Prix. is the first decentralised application (dApp) enabling access to the trading of crypto assets and yield farming, as well as lending and borrowing services – ultimately bridging the gap and bringing blockchain closer than ever before to more real-world use-cases. It is built on Fantom’s first Layer-2-scaling solution, Tomb Chain.

Some of the major challenges we faced even with Fantom’s amazing performance and uptime, is periods of major network congestion when there are too many dApps running on a specific Layer-1 chain. Tomb Chain which powers is the equivalent of the most effective aerodynamic package for F1 vehicles, enabling optimised performance by alleviating congestion and increasing high speeds consistently, reliably, and efficiently with a higher number of transactions per second” said Managing Director of Quantum Fintech Group, Harry Yeh. currently consists of a Decentralised Exchange on which a range of DeFi tokens can be bought and staked to earn rewards and grow your investment.

Harry adds: “LIF3 is continuously evolving, and will see a suite of services added to its ecosystem in the coming months, such as The Game of LIF3 ($LIF3 $LSHARE) launching on with an upcoming permissioned Layer-1 Blockchain to support Tomb Chain ($TOMB $TSHARE) and Fantom ($FTM) in the works as well

Like Formula One uses regulations to ensure a fair competition for all teams, Lif3, as a permissioned based blockchain, ensures a safe environment for developers and the investment community. Through LIF3’s constant evolution of new services and the performance validation of Tomb Chain and Fantom, users will experience new levels of speed, security, and technological innovation that will drive ease of use for the general market.

More information on or on twitter @Official_LIF3 / @TombChain

About Quantum Fintech Group:
Quantum Fintech Group is one of the most-trusted cryptocurrency funds for high-net worth investors. Quantum has become an ecosystem fund focused on Fantom, which operates highly efficiently while maintaining 100% compatibility with Ethereum as it is EVM Solidity compatible. Fantom is a transaction enabler for other cryptocurrencies and supports microtransactions with close to zero fees. Quantum Fintech Group leads the way by incubating and supporting projects in the blockchain space that are focused primarily on Fantom’s platform.