Mateschitz acquired our team in 2005, transforming a small operation into the major organisation it is today. He was an exceptional businessman, brave and visionary and he turned his passions into reality. Through a myriad of projects, his ideas and his Wings for Life charitable foundation, he had a profound effect, not just on the two Red Bull teams, but on Formula 1 as a whole, as well as helping the less fortunate in society. In our team, he saw a great opportunity to bring junior Red Bull drivers into Formula 1. Some of them went on to become World Champions, win Grands Prix and fight at the highest level of this sport. He was a very private man, who shunned publicity, but here we remember him through the thoughts of our Team Principal Franz Tost, who worked with him for many years and of our two current drivers.

Franz Tost:
“Dietrich Mateschitz was an outstanding person, his passion and determination allowed him to build the impressive Red Bull empire and it’s such an honour for Scuderia AlphaTauri to be part of it. Dietrich was the kind of person that, if you had a problem, he was always available to listen and offer a solution. Each one of us owes him so much, as individuals and as a team. Scuderia AlphaTauri would not be where we are today without him, his faith in us and in what we could achieve. It was his vision to strengthen our team and to educate young drivers and the success of this can be seen through several of the World Champions we have on the grid today. I have never met a person like him, I admired him and always will, as well as being thankful for everything he has done for me personally in my career, in this sport that he loved so much. His influence runs deep across Formula 1, not only owning two of the ten teams, but also reviving his home Grand Prix in Austria. Dietrich will stay with us forever.”


Franz Tost, Dietrich Mateschitz and Sebastian Vettel – Monza 2008


Pierre Gasly:
“It is incredibly sad for me and the entire Red Bull family to learn of the passing of Dietrich. In simple terms, I would never be in the position I am, personally and professionally, without Dietrich’s support since the first day I joined the Red Bull junior programme. In my opinion, what he has achieved as the founder of Red Bull is incredible and remarkable. In this paddock, there are many drivers that are or were part of the Red Bull family thanks to him, who have reason to be grateful for what he did for them. He has positively and significantly impacted people’s lives whether in Formula 1, the company, or other sports categories. The opportunities he has given, not only to drivers but athletes in general is incredible to see and what they have achieved is impressive. I always felt there was no status, we were all working for one company created by Dietrich. His way of managing things was quiet but he had two F1 teams for over 15 years, which shows his level of commitment. The spirit and values that he shared were amazing so I am incredibly proud to have had the opportunity in my life to represent Red Bull over the last nine years in the best way I could. We saw each other many times in Austria because he would come to the race every season, and his love and passion for sport and Formula 1 shaped his personality. I want to express my deepest condolences to all his family, loved ones, and to whoever had the pleasure of knowing and getting close to him. He will be deeply missed in this paddock and this world.”

Yuki Tsunoda:
“The news about Mr. Mateschitz passing is very sad and such a shame to hear. As a member of the Red Bull family, he has been such a big part of my racing career. I’ll never forget when he called me when I was racing in F2, to offer me some words of encouragement, and then we met many times face-to-face at the track. He was such a nice guy and has played an important role in Red Bull for so long. His achievements throughout his career are amazing and his passion for motorsport has always shone through. Both Scuderia AlphaTauri and Red Bull Racing owe so much of their success to the hard work that he put in, and I am proud to drive for a team that he was so key in building. Today we push hard for Dietrich.”

Over all these years, he was always there for us, through the bad times as well as the good. Dietrich Mateschitz meant a great deal to all of us. He taught us to go about our work with a sense of joy, energy and passion and that spirit will live on in our team. He was always a source of inspiration for Scuderia AlphaTauri. Today, we offer our condolences to his family and friends and we will continue to take on every challenge, every project with the same passion he demonstrated over all these years. All we can say, is thank you Dietrich!