At the moment, it looks like the Toro Rosso duo of Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniil Kvyat are the only ones to have chosen consecutive ones, in that the Frenchman has opted for 25 and the Russian for 26. Why? Because the numbers correspond to their birthdates, Jev on 25th April and Daniil one day and a few years later on 26th April.


“I also competed in my first karting event in Russia with that number,” adds Kvyat. “But there’s not much history behind it and I’m looking forward to making something of that number as I start my F1 career.” Our newest driver is very keen to get up to speed with everything to do with Toro Rosso and so he spent a couple of days recently in the factory, having technical meetings and getting to know his engineers. His ability to speak really good Italian is certainly proving popular with the guys!